Cookies and storage of personal data


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Storage of personal information

STRIKE Projects is a consulting company. As part of our business, we process a range of personal information about you that you have provided to us. Your personal information may be used in connection with our internal recruitment processes. In this privacy policy, we will clarify which of your personal information we process and explain how we process it. We also explain who may have access to the information and your rights as a registered individual, including the right to information, correction, deletion, etc.

In order to contact and offer career opportunities to you as a candidate, and to maintain a relationship with you, we store your personal information in our system. We have collected this personal information from you as a candidate.

Access to our system is limited to a minimal number of people. The systems are closed to the outside world, where no outsiders can log in to us.

Your personal information that we process about you as a candidate may be transferred to the customer during a customer presentation. With regard to your privacy, we only transfer your personal information, CV, personal presentation, etc. to the customer after we have had a dialogue with you and you have shown interest in the specific position. The customer has the right to save this information about you for up to one year.

The personal information we may process in our database includes:

First and last name Email address Phone number Home address Job title Potential job categories CV Photograph Completed questionnaire Personal presentation, i.e. answers to specific questions prior to a candidate presentation Interview notes Provided references Correspondence between you and us

We will save your personal information, as well as interview notes and information from references, in our database for up to one year. You have the right to access which information we process about you, for what purpose we process it, which third parties the information has been transferred to, and how long the information will be saved. You have the right to promptly have incorrect information about you corrected, as well as incomplete information completed. You can send an email to at any time to withdraw your consent and have your information deleted.

Occasionally, we may need to update or change the privacy policy. If this happens, we will inform you in a suitable manner and ask you to review the changes that have been made.